Wet Etch Cleaner
12'' Wet Bench

12''  Single Wafer Cleaner
Equipment Model :
Equipment Type :Cassette Less/Type
Wafer Size :300mm
Configuration :8~12 Baths,2~6 Robots According to the demand

Megasonic /Ultrasonic

Bath over-temperature protection, equipped with leak sensor

Multi-level wafer protection

CCSS or LCSS Supply

Automatic supply and support multiple concentration ratio

Advanced marangoni dry technology

Temperature control, concentration control, flow control, pressure control

Chemical/DIW recycle & drain
Reliability :Uptime≥98%           Breakage≤1/100000

MTBF≥650 hours    MTTR≤3 hours       
Software Control :PC+PLC+GUI, support schedule, EAP,FDC etc

Equipment Model
Wafer Size300mm
Chamber4~24 chambersAccording to the demand

Vacuum or Grip

4~5 Dispensers2~3 chemicals

Exhaust separation: Acid, Alkali, Organic drain separation etch chemical
E F E M   :2 or 4 SMIF/FOUP, 1 Index robot, 1or 2 WTR
Chemical SupplyCCSS or LCSS Supply

Circulation pump

Heating control, Concentration control, Flow control, Pressure control

Chemical / DIW, Drain & Recycle
ConfigurationIonizer / O3 / HD camera
ReliabilityUptime≥98%           Breakage≤1/100000

MTBF≥500 hours    MTTR≤3 hours       
Software ControlPC+PLC+GUI, support EAP, FDC etc